Whether you are young or old, if you are interested in learning how to sew or how to use your new sewing machine, I can help you.  I offer personalized sewing lessons to residents of San Diego County, California.  I have been sewing for over 30 years (yeah, that’s a long time) and I’ve made everything from simple pillows to formal gowns.  If you want to start out learning the basic operations of your sewing machine, refreshing your sewing skills, learning how to read a pattern or jumping right in to making a project, just let me know and I will customize a lesson plan that fits your exact needs.  Project kits are also available for quilts, pillows, purses, and aprons.sewing

Each lesson will be uniquely tailored to your experience level and desired learning objectives.  I do not have canned lesson plans.  Whether you are interested in making quilts, clothing, home décor, or crafts, I can teach you how to reach your goal successfully.  You start at a sewing level that you are comfortable with and we progress at your speed.  Make sure you have a notebook and pen handy because I will be giving you tons of tips, tricks, lessons learned, and trade secrets along the way.

 Individual Sewing Lessons

I can provide one-on-one sewing instruction to you either at your home ($25 per hour) or at my home ($20 per hour).

Group Sewing Lessons

If you have the space to set up a number of students, I am happy to come and teach your class. I’ve taught small groups of 3-4 students and can teach larger groups (such as a girl scout troup working for their sewing badge) if you have the space to accommodate a larger number of students.  Groups of 2-3 students pay just $15 per hour per student. Groups of 4 or more students pay just $10 per hour per student.

I can also arrange project specific sewing classes.  You select the project, I'll put together the project kits and will teach the "How-To" class for one flat rate per student rather than an hourly rate.  You need to have at least 4 students for flat rate project class rates.


Interested in learning how to sew or how to use your new sewing machine?

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Quilt Piecing

Select a design, pick a fabric and we'll piece your quilt top with beautiful results!

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Long-Arm Quilting

Don’t let your quilt top become an unfinished project...we can help finish your project!

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Get customized and personalized machine embroidery on your items at very reasonable rates

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