Quilt Piecing

I offer custom quilt piecing of your quilt top.  You select the design, provide the fabric or purchase fabric from me, and enjoy the completed results.

sewing quilt

Pricing for piecing your quilt top is $25.00 per hour.  I work very efficiently and will give you a full estimate, subject to your approval, prior to beginning work.  I also keep in contact with you throughout the preparation of your quilt top.  Feel free to ask questions or stop by to see the progress made at any time.

How much fabric should you buy?

When purchasing fabric for your quilt top, it is a good idea to purchase at least 1/4 to 1/2 yard more of each fabric than you think you need.  If you are going to pre-wash your fabric, you should consider purchasing an additional 1/2 yard of each fabric.  If you are not going to pre-wash your fabric, you should consider purchasing an additional 1/4 yard of each fabric.  This will ensure that after the fabric is washed and pre-shrunk, or if it happens to be cut off the bolt crooked (unfortunately all too common) you will have sufficient fabric for your quilt top.  All unused fabric will be returned to you so that you can use the remnants in future scrap quilts. 

SUPER TIP:  I recommend that you have extra swatches (pieces of fabric that are a little larger than the pieces used in your quilt) of each fabric you will be using in your quilt top.  These swatches can be placed behind the quilt label and used for future repairs when needed.  This little trick is pure gold!  Not only do the hidden swatches ensure that you will have exactly the right fabric needed to make a repair, but since the swatches have been with your quilt all along and laundered with your quilt, they will also have the same degree of aging and fading.  Your repairs will be perfect!

If you pre-wash your fabric...

Serge or zig-zag raw ends of fabric.  Wash in washing machine with detergent and fabric softener.  Dry in dryer.  IRON VERY WELL.  You want to separate colors when washing fabric so that if the fabric dyes bleed, they do not cross over color families (i.e. don’t put red fabric in a load of white – you may end up with pinks!). You can wash yellow, white, cream, ivory, beige, and light tan in the same load.  You may wash blue and green together.  Browns and blacks can be washed together.  Red, orange, and purple can be washed together.  Make sure you wash the fabic in the same way you will be washing your finished quilt.  This will ensure the best results when the finished quilt is laundered.

If you choose not to pre-wash your fabric before piecing, the result after washing the finished quilt will be a slight puckering at the seam lines which will yield an older antique look to the finished quilt.  This is a nice affect if you are working with 30’s reproduction fabric (or other period fabric) and you want that old-fashioned look to your quilt.


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