Intelligent Quilter

IQpicI have a new toy!  Yea!  I love toys and this one is fabulous.  It's a computerized component to my longarm quilting machine from Intelliquilter.  OMG it's fun.  I also purchased the Art and Stitch software package so I can digitize my own quilting designs.  Right now I'm still working on converting all of my paper pantographs into digitized quilting files.  The best thing about the computerized system is that there are truely no limits.  When I was working with the paper pantos, the size of the paper pattern was the size of the design on your quilt.  Not any more.  After I get the paper patterns digitized, I can stitch out the pattern in any size to fit any quilt.  Isn't that great?!

I also enrolled in a few digital quilting pattern clubs so every month my library of available designs grows.  So far I've completed over two dozen quilts with the computeried system.  I love that I can do custom work in blocks, borders, and sections of a block with pinpoint accuracy.  Plus, I can see everything on the screen before I sew it onto the actual quilt.  I can edit and change designs at will without being limited to the paper pattern.  When I want to do free-hand work, it's very easy to change from the computer driven system to the manual system.  With the new edge rider wheels, the machine glides like an ice skater on a fresh rink.   Did I mention that I absolutely love love love my new toy!!!!! : )

<<< Here is a picture of the IQ as it just finishes booting up.  This is when the excitement begins and the creative juices start to flow.


This is a picture of a recent custom quilt that I programmed into the IQ and stitched out. It was absolutely gorgeous when it was all completed.

Mystery Quilt

mystery quilt revealedAll the clues to our mystery quilt have been revealed and solved.  That was great fun!!!! 

As you can see, my mystery quilt is already on the frame and in the process of being quilted.  Shhhhhh it's going to be a graduation gift for my great-neice.  :)

For all of you who played along, I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Don't forget to post pictures of your finished quilt tops.  I'd love to see the fabric combinations you put together. 

As a special bonus to participants that want me to do the quilting on thier tops, I'm offering special discounts on my long-arm quilting services.  Details are in The Chat Room. 



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