LoraI've had a love of crafts of all kinds for as long as I can remember.  I started sewing under my mother's tutelage at a very young age and have been in love with crafts of all kinds ever since.  I've dabbled in counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, macrame, beadwork, scrapbooking, painting, cartooning, ..... the list goes on and on. 

When I first moved from New Mexico to California, I was on less than a shoestring budget.  Times were tight.  I bought a very basic sewing machine and began sewing my own clothes primarily out of necessity.  I was able to alter patterns to suit my particular likings and styles.  The best compliment I received was when a co-worker asked me where I had purchased my dress.  When I told her I made it, she didn't believe me and called me a fibber.  {huge smile!!!}. 

When my neices were young and after I had my son, I began to sew for them.  I would make outfits for school, for summer, for holidays, costume parties, etc. etc.  I loved seeing the kids parade around in something that I had made for them.  However, as any person who sews can attest, I didn't use 100% of the fabric.  I had scraps galore and I saved them all!  Guess I was just born to be a quilter.  I have made great use of the scraps I saved over the years and the quilts that were created are not only beautiful; they bring back great family memories.  I love giving these quilts away and hearing the recipient exclaim, "Hey, wasn't that my dress?" or "I remember those pajamas, they were my favorites." 

When I discovered machine embroidery, my imagination went into hyper-drive.  I embroider everything -- towels,  jackets, clothing, back packs, tents, car covers, table cloths, quilt blocks, quilt labels, purses, totes, drapes, bed linens, patches, badges, framed art, .... you name it, I've embroidered something for it.  With an ever growing library of embroidery designs (over 500,000 right now), and the ability to digitize almost any design, the possibilities are nearly limitless.  I've digitized logos for local college groups, churches, several businesses, custom creations, and my own personal designs from clip art and line drawings from the kids.   I love the creativity that can be achieved with machine embroidery. 

Next I purchased a professional long-arm quilting machine so that I didn't have to try to cram an entire queen sized quilt through a standard sewing machine ever again.  This was Heaven!!!  No more unfinished projects!  Now I can actually finish all of my quilt tops in record time with no size or design constraints.  I have a growing library of pantographs, block, and border designs.  I also do quite a bit of free-motion quilting.  That's where I don't use a printed pattern, but let the creativity flow from the vision in my mind's eye to the quilt top.  I mix and match all of the different types of quilting to really bring out the beauty in a quilt.  When finished, each quilt is a unique work of art.    

In 2007, because of many neighbor and friend requests, I began my own business under the name "Morrow Fabric Services".  I have been providing a full range of high quality services such as custom quilt top piecing, long-arm machine quilting, quilt binding, machine embroidery, embroidery digitizing, individual or group sewing instruction, project specific sewing classes, and custom sewing and repair services ever since.  I also have a retail side of the business where I sell high quality 100% cotton solids, prints, batiks, and wide quilt backs, quilt patterns, books, and sewing notions.   

I honestly love what I do and take great pride in doing it well!  My goal is to make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied!  So far I've succeeded in meeting that goal and would love to add you to my growing list of satisfied customers.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, suggestions, or invite me over for a cup of tea.  I look forward to working with you. 



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